Pastors Sermons/Notes

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 "Marriage Mentorship"

James 1: 2-3

The RESTORED Word:  Marriage is a gift from God granted between man and woman.  Strengthen your marriage by Loving, Honoring, Respecting, Appreciating...each other!!!!

"Sound The Alarm"

Judges 7:16-20

The RESTORED Word:  Gideon and his army of 300 men were equipped by God to do what God had assigned them to do.  God has given you a specific assignment, with specific instructions, for as specific purpose, which will result in a specific victory.  Use what God has given you (Praise, Worship, Faith, Favor….) and follow His Divine instructions, doing this will cause the enemy to be confused.  Sound the alarm by believing and speaking God’s Word over the enemy.  Do what God has told you to do, say what God has told you to say, and be who God has created you to be.  There is a great noise, a great blaze, and a great shout within you and it is the Word of God. 

                            "He’s Able”                                             

  Judges 7: 2-7

The RESTORED Word:  There is a saying that we all may be familiar with – “I’m from the say me state.”  This statement indicates that validation is needed in order to prove a point.  In other words, saying something is not good enough, proof of what has been said is needed.  Gideon required proof of what was spoken to him.  As Gideon required proof, there are times when we need proof of what has been promised to us by God.  God does not have to prove anything to us; however, we all have been shown His Grace and Mercy time and time again.  God can cause increase by virtue of decrease as He did in the case of Gideon and his army.  We must trust, believe, and obey God as He does what He said He would do.  * Less to us is JUST ENOUGH for God. *God will do much with less if you only believe.  He’s Able!

    "Your Daddy is waiting on You"

     Luke 15: 17-20

   The RESTORED Word Turmoil, confusion, frustration, PRIDE.... the list goes on and on.  Too much focus on one’s troubles will make it very difficult to be happy with who you are (think about this just for a brief moment).  We should stop longing to be something we were never created to be.  We were created for God’s glory, not for self satisfaction.  Come back to the reality that the best place to be is in the presence of God.  Be true to yourself and ask these questions: Am I living a life that is NOT pleasing to God?  Am I in a place or season in my life where God would not have me to be?  Jesus is always there for you – waiting on you!   

"Get ready to be BLESSED"

 Genesis 18:9-14
The RESTORE Word of God:  We all want the blessings of God, however, we must be in position to receive the blessings. We must be willing to obey the will of God and be willing to trust Him in every aspect of our life. Life will give you reason to doubt God. Your faith in God will Defuse your Doubt,... Your Defeat your Difficulties, and Deliver your Destiny. Faith, Trust, and Obedience gets you in position to be BLESSED.


"God Has Your Back"

Isaiah 54:11-17

The RESTORED Word of God:   Have you ever experienced the pressure of having on you than what you can handle, but someone was there to relieve of that pressure?  Maybe you needed money and someone was there to help. Or as a child, someone was picking on you and someone took up for you (We all can say Amen to this!).  How about this one, you needed lunch money and someone gave you money or maybe they gave you their FREE lunch ticket (come on, Saints you know what I’m talking about – let’s Keep It Real!).What every the situation was, you was covered because someone looked after you and they had your back.  In this life there will be oppositions, trials, heart ache, pain, misery…, but those things will not overcome those of us who are children of the Lord God through Jesus Christ.  Why, because He has our back.  We are God’sPriced Possession, we have His Power, and He has our back. He said so and we can take what He says to our spiritual bank.  

 "Don’t Stop – GET IT, GET IT"

Romans 8: 35-39

The RESTORED Word:  In this life you will suffer persecution, you will be met with false accusations, and you will go through hard times.  Just remember that you have the love of Jesus upon your life, so don’t let anything stop you from moving forward in this love.  Who/What can separate you from the love that Christ Jesus has for you?  NOTHING!  Don’t let your history or your present situation stop your destiny.  God has blessings stored up for you.  Trust Him, Obey Him, Believe in Him, Don’t give up on Him.  Love with the Love of God and receive your Godly inheritance.


"Praise  God on Credit"

Job 1:13-21

The RESTORED Word of God:   Do you have history with God?  Has He done anything for you in the past that causes your present Faith level to acknowledge His goodness?  Know this, despite what you may be going through at this point in your life; God is concerned about your spiritual success.  Knowing that God is for you will change your perspective on life (Praise Him on Credit / in Advance).  Met with devastation and destruction, Job lost much yet he trusted God more.  The fact of knowing God as your keeper should give you a new attitude about life – an attitude of gratitude (Praise Him on Credit / in Advance).   Be Restored, Pastor Robert E. Shepherd

"The Anatomy of Team Work"  

Mark 2:1-5  

The RESTORED Word:    In the world of team sports, the success of each team is contingent upon how each individual on the team executes his/her specific assignment.  The same is so when it comes to team ministry.  We all have a specific assignment given to us by God and we are expected to execute our assignment in excellence for the glory of God.  Team ministry requires: Compassion, Effectiveness that result in Efficiency, Chemistry and not Competition, and Trust.  Mark 2: 1-5 is a great example of team ministry that resulted in the goal of the team being accomplished.  God expects and requires togetherness and it’s all for His Glory.

"I See God"   

Habakkuk 2:1-3

The RESTORED Word What are you looking at?  What are you focusing on?  Your physical sight should be in line with you spiritual light.  God encourages the prophet Habakkuk to take note of what He has spoken to him and to encourage the people to do the same.  God has spoken some things to you and have shown you things He has promised you.  Do not let the issues of life minimize your sight of God.  Don’t let the issues of life become dream destroyers.  Seek the blessings of God!           


Mark 10:17-24  

The RESTORED Word of God:  There are risks involved in every guarantee given to you by man.  In a "Money-Back-Guarantee" you stand the risk of the person/company not honoring their guarantee they place on the product/service.  When man's probability of any possibility results in the impossible, you are left with a problem.    The young rich ruler was not willing to separate himself from earthly gain, therefore, missing out on the greatest guarantee to man (Salvation).  God guarantees His Word!  What risks are you willing to take in order to gain the guarantee of Salvation in Christ?

 “It’s All Good!!” 

Romans 8:28

The RESTORED Word:  I am who God says I am and it's all good.  God is working everything out so that you may fulfill the purpose for which He created you.  You were created to give God glory.  He has caused some things to happen in your life that may not seem good, but it's working in your favor.  Continue to trust and love God and the results will be to the glory of God.

  “Patience during the Delay” 

  Psalm 30: 1-5  

The RESTORED Word:  Are you discouraged because of what you age going through is too much for you and you feel that God has forgotten about you?  Do you feel like the weight of the world is on you shoulders and you are about to crumble?  God has not forgotten about you.  Delay is not denial.  It simple means “not yet” and “not yet” does not mean “no”.  The delay is a test of your patience.  During the delay, you must trust God to deliver His promise.   

 “It’s A New Season”

 2 Corinthians 5: 14 -17

 The RESTORED Word:  The God we serve is not a small God.  His plan is to increase you, open new doors for you, and to take you places you never imagined.  In this new season of your life old things will be no more and new things will be revile onto you.  Leave the old behind and know that the blessings of God are greater than any curse from man.  Remember you are who God says you are.  Declare your blessings and be RESTORED.  Your season of blessings has come.



Acts 1: 1-8

The Restored Word of God: Has the local church lost its prominence of being looked upon as a place that possess power?  The local church must return back to teaching sound biblical messages and stop going along just to get along.  We must return to holy living, accountability of members and leaders, and trusting God instead of our programs.

"Where is the Power" (pt.1of 2)

2 Timothy 3: 1-5

The RESTORED Word:  It seems like the greatest institution on earth (the church) has lost its power.  Our programs, policies, procedures, and our pursuit to be the next church that has it going on -- has caused us to forget about our true call as Christians.  We have the church cliché down pack, but do we allow the Holy Spirit to govern our lives???  The power of the church is the power of the Holy Spirit and not our church ways on Sunday mornings.


Joel 3:9-11

The RESTORED Word: God promises to prosper you, however, you must first prepare for the promise. Prepare for the promise by believing and speaking His Word into your spirit. Where you are now is not the place intends for you to remain. He wants to increase you in every aspect of your life. The Promises of God: Declare it, Believe it, and you shall Receive it!


Judge 14:1-8

The RESTORED Word: What do you do when you are faced with a test that you are unprepared for? Answer: You trust God and use what He has blessed you with. God will turn your struggle into victory when you trust Him.


PSALM 30:1-5

The RESTORED Word: You are not limited by the systems of this world. God has established the right connections for you that will grant you favor from God. Those who oppose you will not be able to prevent you from getting what God has in store for you. Rest in the Joy of the Lord by reflecting upon what He has done for you. He has favored you!



St.Luke 4:19-20

The RESTORED Word: Don't think of yourself differently than what God thinks of you. You are not your own, because you have the spirit of the Lord in you. God has anointed you with His power and authority. Be RESTORED


John 15:1-11

The RESTORED Word:  What/Who are you connected to?  What/Who you are connected to will infect (negatively) you or affect (positively) you.  Jesus wants to be you source strength, hope, joy, peace, happiness, love.....  As a result of being connected to Jesus, we have the right to have the thing of Jesus.  When we stay connected to Jesus, everything we set our hand to will be fruitful and blessed as He wills it to be so.




St. Luke 18:1-8

The RESTORED Word: Pray or give up? The choice is yours. If there is one thing we should be consistent in doing, it should be praying to God. Praying to God strengthens you in your walk in Christ. Do not give up because of the current situation you find yourself in -- trust our Lord Jesus Christ to do what He said He would do for you.




Isaiah 67:6-7

The RESTORED Word: You are being stretched and tested by the trails of life. It is beyond your natural ability to hang on, but because you chose to trust God and refused to give up, you are a great candidate for a double blessing from God. Your belief in and obedience to God will be rewarded with His blessings. The spirit of God that is within us gives the authority to release His blessings. His blessings are always for His Glory


Ephesians 3:20-21

The RESTORED Word: What are your desires? Do you have thoughts and/or dreams of obtaining more in live? Where ever your heart's desire is, there will you find the focal point of your mind, body, and soul. Our desire should always be set on pleasing God with the result of receiving from God. God can do more that what the human mind can ever begin to imagine.



Psalm 51:12

The RESTORED Word: Why do so many of us get down and discouraged due to our present earthly circumstances? It is because we constantly dwell on the problem of this world and not on the problem solver(Jesus). In order to move progressively forward in life we must have Faith in Jesus. Faith is having confidence and assurance in the promises of God. Moving forward requires you to: Know who and what you are in Christ, Celebrate the give of Salvation, and Enjoy life of Christ. Get back the joy that God gave you through His son Jesus.


St. Luke 8:41-42;49-56

The RESTORED Word: Does it seem that just when you decide to trust and wait on Jesus, things seem to get worse? Waiting on Jesus requires Faith. You can either give up on Jesus or give in to Jesus. Take you hand off of the pause button and allow live to play out the way Jesus intended it to. Jesus commands you to stop doubting, stop fearing, believe Him and be made whole. Arise and get your miracle



The RESTORED Word: When a city municipality set zoning requirements that zoning is for a specific purpose. An athlete who is in a zone has a specific goal in mind. What zone are you in? The present of God is zoned with you in mind. It (the God Zone) has stuff in storage that is intended specifically for you and no one else.


Galatians 6:7-10

The RESTORED Word: What you are receiving in your life is a direct relationship to what you have done in your past. You receive by doing. Just as a farmer prepares his/her land prior to the planting season, so shall we do the same in our personal/spiritual life. We should do well to all men especially at a time when he/she is dealing with sin in their life